150 Jahre Terrot Strickmaschinen


After the partition in 1947, the punjabi family consisting of Mr Gobindram Punjabi (Father of Founder) and His brother Mr Vishindas Punjabi migrated to Mumbai from SINDH (formerly a part of undivided India) Together around 1950s they started probably one of the first knitting companies in Mumbai named of G VISHIN AND SONS. Working together they would go on to become pioneers in developing the knitting industry in Mumbai.

Mr.GOBINDRAM PUNJABI had very strong values of sincerity, honesty and hardwork which he instilled in his sons. The present company believes in the same core values even today.

Initially sons of Gobindram Punjabi, Mr Vijay and Mr Ashok who joined G VISHIN AND CO as apprentices earned stipends and worked for a couple of years and then formed thier own company by the name of G VIJAY AND SONS IN 1970 in Mahim, Mumbai which was a partnership company.

Initially right at inception of the company G VIJAY AND SONS faced a severe roadblock due to a faulty consignment of knitting machines which threw the company to near closure. But due to the supreme efforts and support of brother and partner Mr Ashok Punjabi the company was able to survive and tide overthe crisis.

Through sheer grit, immense hard work and determination both the brothers with a very small amount of capital grew this company and ran it personally. Then in 1980 both the brothers parted ways amicably and the latter formed his own company.